• To provide direction in areas of importance to all those involved to day to day operations.
  • To establish the foundation of common culture and behaviour among company employees.



The Company is committed to manage and continually improve health, safety, environmental, quality and knowledge management performance with the overall goal to safeguard people, environment, property and process, not compromising on quality. We will:


  • Comply with mandatory rules and regulations, taking into account codes, guidelines and standards from maritime organisations
  • Strive to ensure that our activities, have a positive impact on health, safety and the environment
  • Operate our offices and vessels, taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and material, minimizing adverse environmental impacts and waste generation
  • Ensure safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes
  • Undertake initiatives to encourage company employees to accept increasing responsibilities for health, safety, environmental and quality performance of their delegated tasks.
  • Set out goals, targets and means to drive continual improvements in policy excellence, measuring achievements against targets set
  • Deliver our services in accordance with clients’ expectations and conduct business with integrity and reliability
  • Perform internal work with due regard to the health and safety of our shore and shipboard-based personnel
  • Share knowledge and promote best practices across the fleet
  • Continuously maintain well trained, motivated and competent staff
  • Encourage and support career and continuous professional development for company employees
  • Systematically learn from best industry practices and ensure that our performance meets our  expectations



The policy shall be communicated to and understood by all employees through:

  • Senior management commitment to implementing the integrated management system
  • Shore – based and ship – based management teams conducting internal training and management reviews
  • Leadership and sound management practices promoting safety and environmental excellence
  • Regular vessels’ inspections
  • Feedback promotion
  • Follow ups to ensure improvement in performance at all areas
  • Evaluation of personnel understanding and of our activities


The Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy applies to all personnel who may sail on or visit the Company’s vessels and exceeds the requirements set forth in OCIMF Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol onboard ships.

  • The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or uncertainly controlled drugs ashore or onboard ships by anyone is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for employment termination.
  • Any form of drug, with the exception of prescribed drugs is totally banned from Company managed vessels.
  • Personnel on prescribed drugs must declare this fact to the Master upon joining the vessel, or upon prescription, if prescribed during the period of service onboard.
  • The Master if on prescribed drugs must report this fact to the Company prior joining the vessel, or upon prescription if prescribed during the period of service onboard.

With regard to alcohol this Policy is based on the following:

  • Total abstinence from alcohol for 4 hours prior to a period of scheduled responsibility.
  • Under this policy, alcohol impairment shall be defined as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 40 mg/100 ml or greater.
  • Moreover, on all vessels managed by the company, the alcohol consumption by personnel is strictly forbidden and any kind of alcohol is not allowed aboard the ships, except as required by the Master for special circumstances, other than the use by ship’s personnel.
  •  In addition, the Company maintains a system based on breathalyzers and random testing by urine samples to monitor the effectiveness of this Policy.
  •  The Master monitors this policy on board all vessels. In addition, Officers and Ratings undergo appropriate tests carried out during pre-embarkation medical examinations.
  • Officers and Ratings on scheduled duties are subject to annual unannounced Drug and Alcohol testing / screening, conducted by qualified personnel in addition to routine medical examination.
  • Post-accident D&A testing In the event of any accident which results in damage to property, personnel or environment, personnel directly involved in the accident may be required to undergo through a drug & alcohol test.


European Product Carriers Ltd., aims to be recognized as a world class global supplier of quality marine transportation services to the shipping industry, paying always due regard to applicable Rules and Regulations applied to the field.


Our Vision

  • To provide our services with integrity and reliability.


Our Mission

  • To identify, mitigate or control risks, for the purpose of safeguarding people, environment, property and process from accidental losses.
  • To promote safety and environmental excellence in all areas of our business performance.
  • To preserve our corporate values through our day to day operations.


Our Values

  • We strive for continuous improvement.
  • We aspire to achieve zero spills at sea and zero accidents.
  • We care about sound business principles and ethics.
  • We build our future through innovation and new business opportunities.
  • We show respect to the concerns of our people and public.
  • We encourage teamwork and open communication channels.
  • We acquire, develop and share knowledge.
  • We manage our business risk and prepare for unexpected changes.
  • We build trust with our clients, and industry partners.